Marketing Ethics

  1. Emend Healthcare is easily identifiable on all websites through dedicated sections such as “About” and “Contact,” as well as the inclusion of a comprehensive privacy policy.
  2. Currently, we neither possess nor actively manage any directory websites. However, we are open to exploring opportunities in this domain in the future.
  3. We focus on only ethic and reputable link building.
  4. Personal contact information is not shared without consent. We kindly request permission before disclosing any personal contact details.
  5. If someone happens to call our admissions center by mistake, we will be more than happy to assist them in reaching the intended destination.
  6. We do not fabricate fictional places on online maps to gain better local rankings in search results. Our only purpose is to create online locations that accurately represent our properties in their respective physical geographic areas.
  7. We refrain from sharing any negative feedback or criticisms about our competitors on various online platforms, such as social media, review sites, web directories, business directories, and local search sites. Instead, our focus is on fostering positive communication across all our social media channels.
  8. We do not engage in posting fabricated reviews or impersonating alumni or staff members of other treatment centers on forums or message boards. We highly appreciate genuine reviews of our services, as well as those of other service providers.
  9. We strictly adhere to ethical practices and refrain from engaging in any fraudulent activities such as clicking on our competitors’ paid search or display ads. Our primary focus is to drive genuine clicks and maximize effectiveness on our own advertisements.
  10. We do not engage in content theft. Instead, our focus lies in generating original and insightful content.
  11. We refrain from partnering with companies or centers that violate our code of ethics. Instead, we collaborate with organizations that align with our high standards and ethical values.
  12. We refrain from bidding on competitor trademarked names in paid search. Instead, we focus solely on bidding for our own brand names, ensuring a targeted and strategic approach to our advertising efforts.
  13. We absolutely respect copyright laws and refrain from infringing on any copyrighted materials, such as videos and photos. It is our policy to acquire the necessary rights and permissions to utilize any images or videos we incorporate into our work.