Company Statement of Ethics

At Emend Healthcare, our mission, values, and purpose serve as a guiding framework for our operations and decision-making. We cater to a diverse range of customers and stakeholders. Whenever a decision arises that creates a conflict of interest between parties, we encounter an ethical dilemma. In such situations, we adhere to the following principles.

1. Facts Matter.

We strive to gather all pertinent information, ensuring informed decision-making. We pledge to approach decisions rationally, avoiding emotional impulses, and consider the impact on all parties involved.

2. Seek Wise Counsel.

When necessary, we will seek advice from external sources, such as advocates, professionals, legal counsel, and others, to gain a broader perspective on the issue. This is especially important when the decision impacts a larger group of customers and time permits. By doing so, we aim to make informed choices that benefit everyone involved.

3. Patient Care First.

Whenever a conflict of interest arises, our unwavering commitment remains to prioritize enhanced patient care and safety above all else.

4. Non-Retaliation.

We have an unwavering desire to uncover the unknown. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur, and certain business practices may remain hidden from leaders who possess the authority to make swift changes. With utmost sincerity, we encourage employees and all stakeholders who witness any unethical practices to reach out to our corporate compliance confidential hotline (1-800-852-3449; Your vigilant observations are invaluable in upholding our commitment to ethical conduct.

5. Stewardship.

We acknowledge the trust and goodwill bestowed upon us by our stakeholders. We hold these gifts in high esteem and strive to be responsible custodians of them. We understand that achieving company success is not an isolated endeavor and thus we are committed to making prudent decisions with the resources at our disposal. Through these actions, we aim to uphold and enhance our reputation as deserving recipients of these invaluable gifts. We have a range of valuable resources at our disposal. These include options for family and patient care, reimbursement programs, various licensing and regulatory accreditations at the state, federal, and local levels. We also invest in the growth and improvement of our organization, providing the necessary capital. Additionally, we highly value our employees’ time and energy, as well as the respect and support of our neighbors and the communities we serve.

6. Results

While Emend Healthcare operates as a for-profit company, we go beyond financial results to gauge our success. Our dedication lies in showcasing clinical effectiveness, supported by concrete evidence and outcomes. Our utmost priority is to fulfill the needs of patients and their families. If they find the assistance they seek with us, we will leverage our resources and capabilities to ensure they achieve their desired outcome. However, if we are unable to serve them, we will offer appropriate referrals or guidance to help them attain the assistance they require. To uphold this commitment, we have established an extensive research and outcomes framework, enabling us to monitor, enhance, and transparently publish our progress for public scrutiny.